Tevis to Picayune

Paul VanderVoort shared with me last year a post from his blog, which I’ve linked to here: https://paulvandervoort.wordpress.com/2018/10/05/tevis-cup-trail-to-picayune-valley-x-c-path/. I have not followed this route, so how you use the information is entirely up to you. I have heard for years rumors of both a route, and an actual constructed trail (from long ago, not maintained) between the Tevis Cup Trail at the south-extending point, and a point near the crossing of the Picayune Valley (Western States) Trail and the Middle Fork of the American River, and have looked to see if I could see such, but did not find anything. I’ll try it out next time I have some off-trail yearning.

1 thought on “Tevis to Picayune

  1. Dan Allison Post author

    Paul led a hike on this route in July, and sent me these comments.

    Thanks for posting trail condition reports last week. Nine hikers showed up for my 17-mile Picayune Valley loop hike Saturday. Your comments about difficulty rock-hopping Whiskey Creek and the American River at the base of Picayune Valley scared off three hikers. I was able to stay dry rock-hopping both crossings (poles helped). The other five hikers did as I, or put on waterproof shoes. No one had a problem.

    However, it’s probably a good thing the three bailed out. The ascent up the steep face from the river crossing to the Tevis trail was more difficult than I remembered. Two of my friends found the climb exhausting, and one got quite scared at one spot. I need to edit my page about the X-C path to more accurately convey the difficulty. One of my hiking buddies and I are planning to go back to the area in the next few weeks to explore and see if we can find a better route.

    Nevertheless, all six of us who did the entire hike had a fantastic day. The vegetation through Picayune was incredibly lush and beautiful.

    One of the hikers posted a blog about the hike:


    I hope we can meet and perhaps hike together some time. Thanks again for the trail reports.


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