report from Daniel Nasaw

Daniel Nasaw sent this brief post-trip update back in July:

Our trip was really fantastic, despite some early trouble.  We lost the Powderhorn trail almost right away and ended up bushwhacking down the west-facing slope almost a quarter mile to the west of the Powderhorn Creek.  When we got to the bottom of the ravine we whacked north-eastward and eventually found the trail right where it comes down out of the woods and into that small meadow before it crosses the creek.

We now think what happened is we followed the logging road, just as you warned not to, instead of the trail.  We think this happened right toward the beginning where there’s that large clearing with a huge stump right in the middle and the old sawn logs off to the right of the trail.  The logging road continues up to the left, while the trail continues directly ahead.  So we probably lost about an hour and missed out on a lot of beautiful views — and I got plenty spooked that first night.

But after that, we had no trouble at all, and followed the trails all the way north to Whiskey Creek and back the following day, and took the Powderhorn trail back up to the trailhead and our vehicle the day after that.

An amazing trip!  Thanks so much for your help!

2 thoughts on “report from Daniel Nasaw

  1. Kim Williams

    Hello! Forgive me, but I have no idea what I’m doing and am probably in the wrong place to ask some questions. I stumbled across your page while looking up info on Granite Chief. I am possibly thinking of a backpacking trip soon, but had some questions, which I didn’t want to ramble on endlessly about here, if I’m not in the right place. Dan, is there a way to contact you without being a royal pain in your patootie? Or would I just ask all my randomness here? I live on the Nevada side of the pond and have only been on a very brief day hike into Granite from the Powerhorn Trail and am curious about the best 2-3 night trip ideas you might be able to suggest. I can wing it, but since you’ve been in there so much any advice on best place to start, etc for best bang for one’s limited time as it were, would be awesome! Thanks so Much, Kim

    1. Dan Allison Post author

      It is as a good a place to ask as any. I’ve been away from my blog but am getting back to it. For a first backpack trip, I’d go in at the Alpine Meadows TH and head over to Whiskey Creek Camp area. If you are going on a weekend, you may not want to camp right at Whiskey Creek, but pick up water and go beyond. It will likely be pretty mosquito-y until mid-summer. I have not been in yet this year, I’m heading out on my first trip tomorrow.


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