Granite Chief Wilderness Campaign

The American River Conservancy has started the Granite Chief Wilderness Campaign to protect 10,000 acres of land on the west and north sides of the Granite Chief Wilderness.

The lands are currently privately owned, mostly by a logging company. The parcels include headwaters of the North Fork American River and Middle Fork American River. Since some of the parcels are immediately adjacent to the existing wilderness, they could be automatically added to the wilderness.

I have long believed that the wilderness should be expanded to include all wilderness-quality lands. In addition to these lands on the west and north side, there are additional lands on the east side in the Ward Creek and Blackwood Creek watersheds, and on the south side in the Rubicon River watershed. I have been intending to post maps of these expansions for some while, so maybe this effort will provoke me to get to it.

I will be sharing my photos and perhaps offering other support to the American River Conservancy in their efforts. I encourage you to check their webpage and get involved.

map for Granite Chief Wilderness Campaign

map for Granite Chief Wilderness Campaign

2 thoughts on “Granite Chief Wilderness Campaign

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