missing 2012 trips

sunset from Granite Chief peak

sunset from Granite Chief peak

I never seem to get all my trips posted. Not only did I not post my 10-day trip into the Mokelumne Wilderness, the highlight of the summer, I did not get around to posting on next two trips into the Granite Chief Wilderness.

Trail Maintenance and Powderhorn

The first missing trip was seven days in July. I went in at Granite Chief trailhead, and in fact spent several days completing brushing trail work on that trail. Once that was done, I headed south and camped on the top of Granite Chief peak, a spectacular place to sleep. When the air of the central valley is reasonably clear, it is easy to see details of the coast ranges, and at night, the lights of the valley cities and towns.

I brushed the PCT to Whiskey Creek Trail junction, and then headed down Five Lake Creek and out the Powderhorn Trail. From Barker Pass I walked back north on the PCT, noticing that parts really need brushing, and then out to the Alpine Meadows Trailhead, caught the bus to Truckee and then home on the train.

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KaDa Falls

Kada Falls

Kada Falls

The second missing trip was five days in September. I went in at Alpine Meadows, dropped all the way down Five Lake Creek Trail and Hell Hole trail into the Rubicon River, and spent time at Kada Falls. The falls is very small this time of year, but it is still very beautiful.

I did a little bit of brushing to open up the very old trail that connects Hell Hole to the Rubicon River, as it is to the point where it can’t even be followed. It will take years for me to work through all the brush, probably 50 years of manzanita.

I did some exploring around the Rubicon River and the head of the reservoir. The maps show a trail along the south shore of the reservoir, but so far I’ve only found little pieces, and they don’t seem to connect.

And then I headed out to the trailhead, to Truckee, and then home on the train.

photos on Flickr

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